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We design business websites that require systems to be put in place for managing the business' operations such as commercial transactions, such as online shopping.

Responsive Design

We conceptualize, plan, and build websites using the latest responsive website designs, applying interactive features in them that deliver an awesome experience to its visitors.

Graphic Design

We create graphic designs for businesses, corporation or firm for their advertisements, emails, letters or their social media accounts; all these inline with the target market they aim.

Social Media Marketing

We social media marketing services to companies, where we help them gain traffic or attention through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Website Mixology

My First Website

Mossein Tech

Company Website

Slopes Villa Hotel

Hotel Website

Pace Plumbing

Plumbing Company Website


Nursing Home Website

Online Computer Store

Computer Store Project Website


  • Our Humble Beginnings

    We came from humble beginnings, with me and my partner doing freelancing jobs from our bedrooms. We saved up for various expenses and financial needs that would make this Agency what it is today.

  • An Agency is Born

    Young and ambitious, we finally brought a dream to life when the Website Mixology Agency was officially born. This was a huge morale boost for us and made us crave success only harder.

  • Transition to Full Service

    It was tough! But all great beginning always are. But today we can comfortably stand tall and say we made it. We finally found traction and built a strong customer base.

  • Phase Two Expansion

    We are on the verge of officially expanding into a social media marketing agency; we are aiming at launching the service to the public by September 2017.

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Our Amazing Team

Leon Peter

Lead Designer and Developer

Thomas Muhika

Lead Marketer

Caleb Mwirigi

Graphics Designer

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